Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blink "Crazy Deal of the Week"

How Does the Crazy Deal of the week work?
Every week our sales team selects a fast selling product and sells it at a significantly reduced price, so reduced that it’s always lower than its cost price.

Give me an example of a crazy deal :
·         Apple iPad2 16 GB regular price is 144 KD . Crazy Deal of the week price 99 KD .
·         BlackBerry Bold 9900 regular price 219 KD. Crazy Deal of the week price 159 KD.
·         Samsung 640 GB USB External HD regular price 17 KD. Crazy Deal of the week price 9 KD.
And much more, we told you it’s Crazy………

Are the quantities limited for every deal?
Of course they are or else we would be out of business very soon. It’s only a quantity of 5 items per crazy deal that would be available.

How long will the crazy deal last?
will only last for 24 hours. Based on our experience the deal would probably be sold out in the first hour.

Which day of the week will this deal be uploaded and at what time?
It would be unfair to state a day or time for the deal to be uploaded so to make it fair for everyone to get a chance in getting hold of a deal before its sold out, all that we can say is that it will be on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. As for the timing it will be launched on different timings each week. Either at 10 AM, 6PM or 10 PM.

What is the maximum quantity that can be bought per customer?
One item per custome

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