Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Zara's Evening Collection For the Sophisticated Flirt

Punk Rock Style: Iron Fist Shoes for LESS with Heels.com’s

Love punk rock? Like it dark and edgy when it comes to style? Then we suggest you check out this fresh line of footwear from Heels.com – IRON FIST!

Each pair of Iron Fist boots, pumps, or wedges features a graphic design or pattern that is fit for the tough chic who likes it with a touch of glam.  From skulls and roses, to webs and wings, to studs, lace, and sequins, you can bet these IRON FIST shoes have it. It’s like wearing tattoo art on your feet! You will either love  these shoes or hate it, but we guarantee, putting them on will be a statement.

Take a look and tell us what you think:

PINK ROCK: A Pink Collection by Jeffrey Campbell

Hey bloggers and friends! We are proud to introduce to you our very first JC capsule collection: PINK ROCK.  This PINK collection by Jeffrey Campbell is a sub group of shoes offered for SS11. Enjoy the images and keep an eye out for other small collections coming to you this seson.

Shes cute, shes crazy, shes grungy, shes a JC Girl, and she’s totally PINK ROCK.

Monday, November 29, 2010

How to Do Quiff Hairstyles

A quiff hairstyle is one that has many of the same characteristics of the old 50s style pompadour, flattop and Mohawks. The Teddy Boy movement in England took this hairstyle to new heights and became popular again in the early 80s. The hairstyle has once again become popular with young men a...nd boys, and now a new style for females includes pulling outer hair into a quaff with a ponytail on the back.Hairspray Fine toothed comb Hot rollers Hair pins Grips for rollers

1.Comb the front section of the hair towards the back of the head and spray with an ample amount of hairspray. This will help to hold the pompadour look.

2.Backcomb all of the hair that will not be put into a roller on the front of the head.

3.Pull a section of hair from the front of the head out and roll with a hot roller. Secure with a hair pin. Make sure to roll the hair backwards and away from the face, not down towards it.

4.Leave the roller in for 15 minutes and then remove. The forehead hair will be set in what is now called a carrel curl.

5.Pull the curl back towards the rear of the head and then to whichever side the hair is normally parted on.

6.Hold the curl in place by pinning it to the hair directly underneath it with hair pins, so that the pins are obscured from sight. Spray the hair with ample amounts of hairspray and allow to dry.

Bold & Beautiful

Say it loud and say it proud with a bejewelled statement necklace. Wearing a bold and embellished necklace will set your outfit off from the rest and will become alluring to the beholder. Check out the delightful necklaces these celebrities chose to wear- from beaded, jewelled, studded and teardrop crystals.