Thursday, December 30, 2010

Going to 3omra

After couples of hours am going to the airport to Makka to do 3omra with family & cousins, am very happy and excited.  I will be there for New Year too so, HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dear 2011

Dear 2011, It's a new year. New Mistakes are going to make along with new promises and regrets. All I'm asking is that you'll be better than last year. I'm not praying for a miracle, I just want a better year than the one that's about to pass.

Song of The Day : The Flood - Take That

my fav SONG ever love it
its my 2011 song

Countdown only 2 Days left

I have nothing to say no word can describe what am feeling now

Note: from ilsul6ana blog

Get your Scotch Guard ready for this Marni satchel

Nothing strikes fear into my heart like light-colored suede, and as a result, the Marni Large Suede Satchel has me wanting to hide in the closet, I don’t think there’s any way to protect this beauty from the ravages of everyday life.

Marni proves itself again and again as a great source for off-kilter cool, and its bags are particularly great this season.

Street Chic: New York

Street Chic: New York

An expertly-wrapped scarf makes a stylish topper to your winter look.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Song of The Day: The Only Exception by Paramore

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Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2011 Bags

Love his collection of bags but this one i really love it i don't know maybe coz of the color

Michael Kors Gia Flap Leather Shoulder Bag


Goldfinger Also this winter we're "swimming in gold"

Poured and sprinkled on a variety of surfaces with always ultra-luminous effects, gold reminds us of the famous scene of Goldfinger by Guy Hamilton (1964).



Dries Van Noten

Emilio Pucci

Gianfranco Ferrè


Isabel Marant

Louis Vuitton

Max Mara

Moncler Gamme Rouge

Moschino Cheap&Chic

Pinko wedding


Street Chic: London

Street Chic: London

Fight the freeze— and dreariness of winterwear—with a funky fur jacket.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Vouge Horoscope 2011

ARIETE - Jupiter and Uranus make you surpass yourselves. They set you limits so that you may go beyond them and also offer a number of tempting opportunities for leaps of quality. On the other hand, Pluto and Saturn are in a less gentle aspect; they advise you not to lose your clear-headed rational vision so you don't make mistakes or create confused maelstroms. You'll walk well-orientated, with a straight back. But you'll also have to paddle a canoe against the current. Love: passions will blaze up: it'll be a problem keeping the flames under control. Rating: 6,5

TORO - Stable, solid progress; secure centre of gravity. Nothing uncertain or vague will influence your Ego. It has a clear view of reality, which will translate into concrete actions and results. The fact that there's not the smallest negative passage of slow planets is excellent news. Love won't be a purely imagined flight of idiotic cherubs. You'll astonish everyone, you'll be admired. But you won't be distracted; you'll be like an unsinkable ship that follows the compass. Jupiter promises lots of success from June onwards. Rating: 7,5

GEMELLI - Everything gets smoother and loses its sharp corners. Romantic syntax is sweet. A nervous approach turns into simple common sense. A combination of unique planets will lead you out of the empty, confused climate you've suffered in recent years. A change of air. You're the luckiest sign. You can abandon cerebral excesses in favor of a fresh, unstudied spontaneity. Love: very good. Professional image: ultra-brilliant. Rating: 8,5

CANCRO - If you've been reading here and there that your sign won't be among the luckiest in 2011, it's up to you to improve the situation by understanding the sense of the transit, which is only apparently contrary. You'll observe a certain gentle discipline so Saturn and Jupiter cannot push you outside the boundaries. Modest but effective tenacity, feisty and resilient if it heeds to deep feelings. Listen to yourselves solicitously, bland rhythms, diabolic three-pronged forks that grin fiendishly as they prod. Balance, without outbreaks of energy or giving in to immobility. Rating: 6

LEONE - The year 2011 will be one of the best in recent years. An excellent Uranus trine means energy, new developments and regaining the pride which is ready to taste new dimensions. Jupiter trine immediately gives you the chance of being special: it offers authentic, powerful romantic relationships which will accept even beguiling spiciness with joy. The slobs disappear from view. You are surrounded by quality. And a rigorous Saturn will strengthen your roles with authoritativeness. Rating: 8

VERGINE - You'll stop being attracted by everyday instruments of torture and you'll replace them with natural passion, with a livelier, more spontaneous spirit which will guide everyday life with wisdom. The results will gradually become greater into the second half of the year marked by increasingly visible successes, especially for those born in August who go at full speed thanks to Jupiter trine. A complete change of scene, for the better, compared to the previous year. Rating: 7,5

BILANCIA - You have to accept change, without clinging to old positions. The notion of perfection will try to disappear, but it won't be easy to achieve absolute lightness. A wise, rigorous Saturn keeps your feet firmly on the ground while an urge to fly grows inside. Jupiter puts the brakes on in the first half of the year, ignore it. Just maintain a steady rhythm without chasing the impossible. Don't deny yourselves harmonious changes, this isn't conservation year. Rating: 6

SCORPIONE - It's precisely the things which haven't been completely decoded or explored that fascinate you. When reality shows its clear, obvious face, you lose interest because you want to perceive the mysterious nucleus that moves everything and that everything depends on. You have it in your grasp, you feel it's yours. Powerful engine and muscles of the soul. Pluto gives boldness and courage. There are no bad planets. Only a slower Jupiter in the second half of the year for those born in October. Rating: 7

SAGITTARIO - A fabulous year. A real revolution. Since you enjoy apparently impossible missions, you'll have several to tackle and you'll choose the one - amorous, professional or sports-related - that thrills you the most. The things you do are destined for success, so don't you dare content yourselves with the status quo. The recent struggles will be just a memory. The mission will be accomplished. As for love stories, none of you will feel she's lost the plot, gone astray with uncontrollable urges.  Rating: 8,5

CAPRICORNO - Great willpower. As always. You're not used to getting free gifts, manna from heaven, luck served on a plate. You work for your success. Battling on, proceeding with method and steadfastness, without whims or continual ups and downs. You must be serious and concentrated in 2011, too. Saturn and Jupiter don't trace easy descents. However, you're also allowed moments of play and gossip. Be lighter, not so rigorous. Rating: 6,5

AQUARIO - Get out of any kind of enclosure. Now. If you don't, the stars will anyway do it for you. Your ears are used to the sound of pleasant sociality, they won't heed the same old drowsy tunes. You'll hear bright sounds again, for special music, some of which you've never heard before. Sounds of love. Of passion with no coolness. Jupiter conducts a lucky orchestra. Uranus will push it towards bold experimentation. Saturn in trine won't get a note wrong. Rating: 7,5

PESCI - Cast off any shadow of fear, shyness, hesitant steps. Not only is the dream still alive but this year it is renewed, it wins territory and invades every dimension of reality. No bad transits, not even a tiny one. You can indulge yourselves with risk-taking. Especially amorous risk no longer restrained by prudence. Your delicate soul will show surprising power. Along a path between tapestries and porcelain vases, feelings of love awaken to age-old sensations. Passion won't argue with reason. Rating: 8

Street Chic: Paris

Street Chic: Paris

Who: Mylene Strat
What: Lighten up your winter look with a pair of powder blue jeans.
Wear: vintage coat, Maje blouse, Lee Cooper by Lou Douillon jeans, Gelati shoes

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Liam Fahy London Shoe Collections FAB

Thank you Liam Fahy London.. Love the Collection
 Happy Weekend!

Click HERE to view collections!

Street Chic: Milan

Street Chic: Milan

Who:  Irene
What: Channel your inner Anita Pallenberg in a wide-brim felt fedora.
Wear:  Fur vest, hat and shoes by Jo No Fui, jeans by Democratic by Coin

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Song of The Day - New Kids On The Block - Tonight

Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool ayam el thanwyaaaa

غاية طول الليل وقصر النهار

ويحدث هذا يوم 22/12/2010 حيث تشرق الشمس الساعة 6:38 وتغرب الساعة 4:54 وبذلك يكون طول الليل 13 ساعة و44 دقيقة والنهار 10 ساعات و16 دقيقة.

المصدر: رزنامة العجيري

يعني انا الـ 10 ساعات مالت النهار كله بالدوام  :(

Eric Northman Makes Best Characters Of 2010 List yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Eric Northman Makes Best Characters Of 2010 List

4. Eric Northman on True Blood
In a very inconsistent season, Eric Northman was like the anchor to bring us back every week. He’s the mysterious vampire all the while paying homage to vampires past, while simultaneously mesmerizing both men and women.

See who else made the list here.

عطلة رأس السنة الميلادية 3 أيام

قرر ديوان الخدمة المدنية منح راحة يوم الاحد 2 يناير المقبل بدلا من رأس السنة الميلادية الذي يصادف السبت 1 يناير. وجاء في التعميم الصادر للجهات الحكومية ان الديوان قرر منح يوم واحد راحة، بناء على قرار مجلس الوزراء لجميع العاملين في الجهات الحكومية، وبذلك تكون عطلة رأس السنة الميلادية 3 ايام، تمتد من الجمعة 31 الجاري حتى الاحد 2 يناير، على ان يعاون العمل الاثنين 3 المقبل.

Red rose

Particularly intense and evocative colors ranging from pink to red - already popular in the Cruise collections - will be big next spring and summer, too. In the meantime, Honeysuckle Rose  (Pantone 18-2120) has been elected the Color of the Year 2011 by the Panton Center Institute.

So here are a few examples for choosing something in your favorite color.



Derek Lam


Herve Leger by Max Azria

Matthew Williamson

Rue du Mail


Sonia Rykiel


 Yves Saint Lauren

Street Chic: New York

Street Chic: New York
Pump up your outfit with a power color like royal purple.

Get a closer look at Chanel Cruise 2011

Chanel’s Cruise 2011 handbags contain at least 75% less crazy than we’ve come to expect ever year. Although if you like your bags a little on the wild side, there are still a couple of pieces that should tickle your fancy, including a black patent mesh sack with a detachable Classic Flap Bag on the front.

Chanel 1 Chanel 2 Chanel 3 Chanel 4 Chanel 5 Chanel 6 Chanel 7 Chanel 8 Chanel 9 Chanel 10 Chanel 11 Chanel 12 Chanel 13