Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chocolate Syringes

I was browsing today the net at work suddenly I read about Chocolate Syringe

That Dubai has issued warnings against chocolate-filled needles that are being promoted on social networks and smartphones, reports said on Monday.
The needles are not clean or sanitized and might be used in hospitals to take blood or inject medicine," said the director of the Food Control Department at Dubai Municipality
Why I did not hear about this since am a CHCOHOLIC, so I diged more and I found this its from Max Brenner


A photo shoot at a wedding in Michigan turned into a sloppy affair when the dock the wedding party were standing on collapsed, causing the entire group - including the bride and groom - to fall into the lake below them.

 Luckily, the good-natured party laughed off the unexpected splash and continued to pose for pictures - this time on solid ground.
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My favorite Bands

Take That
The Fray
The Script
The Wanted
One Direction
what is yours?

Street Chic: New York

Street Chic: New York
Jane Ogilvy wears an Antipodium jumper, vintage skirt, Miu Miu bag, Michael Kors watch, Witchery shoes, and Miu Miu sunglasses.

Saray Perfume

My new favorite place to sell Arabic perfume for now
 in Regency Palace Hotel
 My favorite one is Reem & Saray

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Street Chic: New York

Street Chic: New York
Iona Temim wears a Topshop tank, Curve pants, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Totem bag, and Persol sunglasses.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Street Chic: New York

Street Chic: New York
Elijah Sevier wears an H&M top, Urban Outfitters pants, Palladium shoes, and Alexander Wang bag.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Child rescued from deadly fall in China

A man in China risks his life to save a toddler from a deadly fall from a fourth-floor apartment

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Miu Miu

soon in 360

My experience with Croccante Pizzaria

يوم الخميس طلبت بيتزا منCroccante  على الساعة 7 وما وصل الطلب إلا على عشر إلا ربع لأن إلي خذت الطلب عطته منطقة غير منطقتنا وياني الطلب متيمد مع ان البيتزا كانت لذيذه بس حسافه كانت بخاطري لأن البيتزا حلاتها فرش وحاره  
Thursday I called and ordered pizza from Croccante @ 7 I did not get my order until 10 o’clock The delivery man went to another area and I got my pizza frozen very frozen
Don’t get me wrong it was very DELICIOUS but I expect it to be fresh and hot

ودي اطلب مره ثانية بس أناشد اداره المطعم يعلمون أو يعطون إلي يأخذون الطلب لستة لمناطق الكويت لأن ساعتين علشان التوصيل وايد طويلة
I will order again but I hope that from the management of the restaurant to teach the one who gets the order or give him/her a list of Kuwait areas coz 2 hours for delivery is tooooo much

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Street Chic: New York

Street Chic: New York
Linda Bui wears a Free People dress, American Apparel bag, and Jeffrey Campbell shoes.