Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Trip to London Spring 2014

I came back a while ago but I was so lazy to download my pictures, I went to London this spring the weather was amazing very cold LOVE IT.

Went to many places & restaurants this time not just Oxford Street.

Below some of My Pictures that I manage to download
First day always having dinner in ASK ITALIAN
went to Lion King one more time
you got to try this Crepe its on Covent Garden ... Yamyyyyy
 its not breakfast if you don't try Patisserie Valerie (every day we ate there last year)

 my sister draw my logo and the picture with the flowers that my mum

before Harrods breakfast at L'Opera

and ending it with Chapati & Karak
discover this small café near our Hotel
Harry Potter tim

my fav in Madame Tussauds 
Amaya (modern Indian cuisine) 

ending the trip with a visit to Hyde Park :(

Hope you like it :)

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