Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Trip to Dubai 3

My Trip to Dubai

I have a course there and my Mum & both of my sisters came with me

If I want to go to Dubai Maximum for 3-4 days a whole a week was a LOT.  So, I made a list of places and restaurants to go to but the weather was not helping hot and humid as result of that we only went to restaurants there.
 My Trip to Dubai in Pictures
Shakespeare & Co Cafe in Dubai Mall near gallery lafayette the Millefeuille was delicious
Jamie’s Italian Restaurant in Dubai Festival City
went there in our second day delicious

My mum and sister surprise me for my birthday
Will be opening soon in The Mall of Emirates
Zaroob i can’t describe it just that I want it to go there everyday

SWITCH Restaurant & Lounge in ground floor near the The Village in Denim District
Rich Of London Restaurant is located in The Mall of Emirates i went twice there with my mother one for dinner and the other for afternoon tea

Klayya Bakery went there for brunch if you like tradition food you definitely want to go there but you have to come with a driver and let him wait for you coz we wait it for an hour for a taxi
That restaurant was for my Mom she likes Iraqi food I was afraid because I have a bad experience I went in London for Iraqi restaurant it was awful but after I ate in Samad aliraqi OMG I want it to go the next day VERY RECOMMENDED

La Petite Maison how can I describe it, Just the think of it makes my mouth-watering
I even did not take good pictures for the food or the restaurant

It’s in every door in Dubai Mall and the Mall of Emirates  
Really, I asked employee there and she said the only courtesy policy
that they apply is no smoking


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