Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bob Is Back

It was the most beloved haircut of the 20s, 90 years have passed since, the bob’s charm did not decrease.  The bob has a cross-sectional charisma. As it happens for everything, the important thing is to choose the right version.  What is the right cut according to each type of face?
“The bang – that is 50% of the bob – must take inspiration to the one of Bettie Page, that is slightly shorter on the sides, thus giving more strength to the soft features of the face. As regards the bob’s length, it’s better to focus on a haircut that goes beyond the chin. Those who want to dare, on the contrary, can use the idea to shorten the hair’s length up to the cheekbone, so that it can be highlighted”.
“In this case, it’s better to focus on a 'arch' bang, that is longer on the sides, to soften the face’s slants. It’s better to avoid the excessively graphic, straight and clear lines. At the same time, it’s better to have a wavy hairstyle, as excessively straight hair risk highlighting the marked features”.
“As the main feature of this shape is the small and slightly sharp-pointed chin, we suggest not to ‘overload’ the lower part of the face. The ideal cut is a soft one, with the locks on the front, that can be easily moved behind the ears”.
“In this case, the line of bob can be shorter. It can indeed reach the level of the mouth, with hair almost touching the ears. For the bang, green light for the defined and clear cuts”.
“Hair must frame the face, while the bang, in an XL version, can be moved on the side, turning it into a lock ”.






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