Monday, November 21, 2011

My trip to Brussels, Belgium Part 1

I came back a week ago but I was so lazy to import my pictures from my phone, I went to Brussels I really loved this city quiet and peaceful definitely I will be back there J

Kuwait Airport

in the plane

when we arrived

our hotel The Conrad Brussels 

أول ما وصلنا رحنا تغدينا في مطعم لبناني يم الفندق تقريبا 10 دقايق مشي

After the lunch we went browsing around

The next day we went to city 2 & the Grand Place 

أنا وأختي كنا نتمشى شفنه هالمطعم عليه وحمه وطابور وقفنا بالطابور نشوف عندهم بطاط عجيببب

Maastricht, Holland
we took trip to Maastricht it took less than 2 hours i loved there i think its my third time to go there lots of memories
لايطوفكم الوافل

إلي يروح هناك لازم ياكل البطاط ن هالمطعم

بعدين قبل ما نرد تعشينا بالمطعم الإيطالي

To Be Continued .....

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