Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spring/Summer 2011 Trend Guide

The beginning of a new year. The runways are being walked on for Spring/ Summer 2011 fashion season, and the fashion heavens have opened up to show us what our must have items will for these upcoming seasons.

To many people, following these trends is crucial, but can get quite confusing. If I had a penny for every time I heard the fashion Gods say bright colors were in, I'd probably be a millionaire.

With the following list of fashion trends I thought it was a good idea to break it down to you in English on what to look out for this season!


In my life, the fashions of the 60's-80's are an everyday thing. I'm happy its set in stone now as something thats "in". I love the style of big floppy hats, maxi dresses, high waisted shorts, and the old school Jumpsuits / rompers.

Marc Jacobs


Neon isn't just for your nails anymore. Its been quite sometime since neon was in, and now its coming back in full force. Grab your self some neon green shorts with a bright canary yellow shirt. For once, nobody will look at you like your nuts. Its a good thing.


On the complete opposite side of the spectrum from the last trend, clean crisp linens are also in. If neon isn't your style, no need to fret. That simple yet put together look is still in for this season. A great white T or blouse will be your BEST FRIEND for this look, so stock up! Trousers and Cigarette pants are two things you may want to invest in as well. Its all about that "Hey I work in an office, but I still look hotter then you"..kinda look.


In my opinion, Maxi Dresses aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Every season they come back, and they come back better then ever! This time, its all about over exaggerated styles such as bright colors and crazy patterns. Mixing and matching and looking like you're playing Dress up is very well approved this year.


Minis are out, and mid lengths are in! Sorry ladies with great legs! Skirts and dresses this season are well below the knee, not something I'm happy with. I prefer knee length, and anything under it reminds me of those good ol' private school days. Its also a big change from the short hemlines we were seeing last season.


Just like maxis, I feel like the Lace applique trend is not disappearing. I wasn't a fan, but I think I'm starting to convert with all the cute lace dresses I've been seeing! Keep your frills and lace neutral tone and romantic. I think using lace or frills will be a cute way to play up the clean crisp trend thats going on!


Prada & Louis Vuitton, as well as some others, showcased fashions featuring fruits and botanical prints on them. These pieces scream tropical island vacation or cruise ship to me. Might be cute on vacation, but I can't see myself walking around with a big pineapple on my body. Instead, try and pick out some cute fruit inspired jewelry such as an apple necklace, etc.

By Mel & a small change from; me ;)

Thanks Mel

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